A Children’s Book for Kids and the 
Moms & Dads Who Love Them

It all started with a sweet poem from a dad to his new daughter. A decade later I’m So Glad has transformed that simple poem into two beautifully produced children’s books. And we use the phrase “children’s book”  a little loosely. We feel these books are just as much for moms and dads as they are for kids; that’s why we like to say they are for kids and the moms & dads who love them. These books are designed to help parents express the love they have for their children. 

The poem has been coupled with activities, ideas and fun ways to engage children in conversations about meaningful things like: why they are important and valued; true beauty;confidence, strength and courage; patience and kindness; truth and unconditional love; play and rest. We hope parents and kids will want to keep these books on a night stand or somewhere close at hand and revisit them time and time again.